What's up?

- Friday, December 6

GBG Cebu Geowalk and MapUp

That's right! Swags up for grabs for the first 30 to show up! Want a sneak peek? Look here:

Tomorrow's the big day for the first ever GBG Cebu Geowalk and MapUp. 


Event details below in case you forgot. :)

What: GBG Cebu GeoWalk and MapUp
When: Saturday, December 7, 2013
Where: Aboitiz Corporate Office
Arrival: 12:45PM - 1:10PM at Aboitiz Corporate Office
Time: 1PM - 4PM

30 mappers (including you!) will gather together and learn how to map our city. For this first run, we are putting on Google maps the businesses around Persimmon and Pueblo Verde.

What's our agenda?

20 min - Everyone meets at the start point
40 min - Tour or walk around, collect information
10 min - Group photo at end point 
20 min - Demonstrate how to map by Bernie Arellano
90 min - Map

What are we going to do again?
If you have not created your Google account or MapMaker profile or just need an overview about what we are going to do, please go over these links:

What do I need to note for this Saturday?

Mappers are required to bring/do the following

1. Laptop
2. Mobile phone or digital camera for storefront photos
3. Backup internet/mobile data
4. At least 4 new places or edits on the map for each mapper
5. Ballpen to gather info
6. Other (extension wires, etc)

Other Reminders:

1. Be at venue by 12:45 - 1:10PM. We are taking off with the allotted vehicles by 1:20PM.

2. If there are mappers that can't be accommodated for the vehicles, the remainder will be assigned locations near the meetup venue.

3. Starting point and meetup is at Aboitiz Corporate Center (Gov. M. Cuenco Ave, Banilad beside Cebu Country Club) 

4. First (30) thirty mappers to arrive will receive the stickers and shirts budgeted for the event

5. Turn on party mode on Google+ event (after confirming on the event page) https://plus.google.com/u/0/events/cjv98vi91n1be8jvc87t1o0a928 so that you can easily take photos and upload them on the event page for mapping later.

6. Please bring extra shirt, hankies, and water if you easily get tired walking around for a Geowalk. We are going to be walking around and talking pictures and gathering information of the businesses around Persimmon and Pueblo Verde so let's prepare ahead.

For concerns or questions, please contact Fleire Castro. 

Cheers and see you this Saturday!