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- Wednesday, August 7

Cebuanas on the Web Summit 2013

According to the latest APEC study of February 2013, women have several concerns as entrepreneurs such as:
  • Networks are recognize as important to success in business but women-owned firms lag in formal networking.
  • Women firm owners lag behind men in their knowledge and use of technology.
  • Women uses computers less than men for their businesses and have a lower level of awareness of new technology. 
With these concerns, it is vital that we empower women business owners through networks and through technology. With this, we bring you the first women and tech summit in Cebu: the Cebuanas on Web Summit 2013.

We would like to invite you (or women that you know) to join the Cebuanas on the Web Summit 2013 on August 22, 2013 at the Oakridge Pavilion. 

Cebuanas on the Web Summit 2013 is a diversity-focused event where we gather together Cebu-based women from different sectors to learn how to use the internet for their success especially in business.

We are empowered and supported by the GBG community to become more diverse and inclusive and to see what foundation we can build for a lasting, vibrant community. This August 22, we are bringing back the Cebuanas on the Web and making it into a bigger event - the Cebuanas on the Web Summit 2013.

For details and registration, please visit http://goo.gl/rYhhmC

This event won't be made possible with our supporters: Third Team Media, Oakridge Business Park, Cebu Chamber of Commerce, Philippine Retailers Association Cebu Chapter, Bosconian International Chamber of Commerce, Inc., JCI WoMandaue, TechTalks.ph, Cebu Blog Camp, GDG Cebu, Bjorn Cebuano, PRWorks VisMin, Honeycomb Finance Consultancy, Potato Webs Production, Offshore Consultancy and Business Services, D' Barrs Catering Services, Dalmietron, Chedz Cakes of Cebu, The Center Suites, Coffee Dream, Lakwatsa Restolounge, iStorya.net, Unilab, Globe, Smart, JKAR Photography, TwoAnyOne, Pinoy Great Deals, and FocalGlass.com.