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- Thursday, September 27

Cebu Directories joins Google Business Group Cebu Meet and Greet

Cebu Directories supports the first meetup event of Google Business Group (GBG) Cebu on September 22, 2012 held in Bo’s Coffee J Centre Mall.

Note:  Google Business Group (GBG) Cebu is an independent community but certainly supported by Google. It aims to promote Cebu based businesses using Google tools for business.

Cebu Directories shares the same passion with GBG Cebu as its former mission is to provide information about Cebu places, businesses, and events.” Cebu Directories started as personal preference for Paul Villacorta and his partner Michael Gimena. Both Paul and Michael are glad when their ideas were embraced by people especially business owners which they have decided to take it to the next level and changing the mission to “connect consumers to businesses.”

Paul Villacorta is happy to announce that they already launched the mobile version of Cebu Directories with the app name of “All Cebu” on Google Play. Though it’s still on beta version, people will be amazed as it has great search function and even use categories where you can view details of a business. It’s clean and informative with the very basic details that you need.

Currently, they are working on the next phase of the mobile application which it offers more features and enhancements. Just like GBG Cebu looking forward to grow the community and make it an international community, Cebu Directories is also looking forward for the success of the company making it a one stop site in where everyone can visit when they’re looking for local information.
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