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- Monday, September 24

Cebu Best Properties supports GBG Meetup in Cebu

Cebu Best Properties.com supports GBG Meetup in Cebu

Cebu Best Properties, a new  real estate website to be launched in the last week of September 2012, supports the first Google Business Group Cebu Meetup in Bo’s Coffee JCenter Mall on September 22, 2012.

Knowing the need of Cebu businesses to be competent in online marketing using Google tools for business, Cebu Best Properties’ owner  also regards the requirement of businesses in Cebu to be closer to where the professionals are when it comes to digital marketing. The meetup event of GBG Cebu is a sign of the increased presence of the titan brand in search engine and digital technology.

But what people and businesses should know is that GBG Cebu is an independent community and it is not part of Google. However, it is supported by Google and hence, training and seminars organized by GBG Cebu will have speakers and instructors from Google. As independent business community, GBG Cebu will invite competent speakers from Philippines and other countries who are not employed or linked directly with Google.

Considering the big brand attached to GBG Cebu, Cebu Best Properties sees the relevance and big opportunity in partnering with the new business community in Cebu.
About Cebu Best Properties.com

CebuBestProperties.com is a real estate website that features best properties’ listing from the best developers in Cebu and in the Philippines.  Only the best developers are included in the listing, providing property buyers with secured property investment.

The real estate website will also include listing of rental properties. Hence, CebuBestProperties.com  is for property sellers, buyers and owners, lessees and lessors.
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