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- Tuesday, July 24

First gDay in the PH on Aug 3-4 in Manila!! #gphilippines

First gDay in the PH on Aug 3-4 in Manila!! #gphilippines2012

Day 1: Business, Marketing, and Entrepreneur Day
Day 1 is also suitable for marketers, webmasters, government and entrepreneurs. Technical and non-technical presentations will focus on Google products, platforms, tips and trends for business. Attendees will also get to see awesome applications built by Filipino developers for the Philippines and the world!

Day 2: University Day
Day 2 is suitable for university faculty staff and students. Presentations will focus on Google products, programs and opportunities beneficial for universities. Attendees will also get to hear about university student experiences with Google! 

GBG Cebu is only days old and it is just in time that gDay or gPhilippines is a couple of weeks away. This is a great opportunity to meet other group managers around the country and learn from their successes in handling GBG events for the community.

Ms. Aileen Apolo mentioned that there will also be student ambassadors joining in the event so it's a great way to connect with the young ones too.

Watch out for updates on this page soon!

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